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RuXXac Cross Folding Hand Truck 75 Kg

RuXXac Cross Folding Hand Truck 75 Kg
RuXXac Cross Folding Hand Truck 75 Kg

Ruxxac Cross Folding Truck

Small, handy, quickly ready for action, robust and safe. The cross features a chassis style similar to "Formula 1". Two extra wide wheels with roller bearing 200 mm ø and 95 mm wide – with the already known puncture safe polymer binding – cope with really difficult, uneven or smooth underground and show a perfect driveability. Even on sandy ground and fully loaded the cart stays easy to use, without sinking in. The handy folded dimensions of only 12 cm and 75 kg load capacity are suitable for daily use. Chromed steel parts, aluminium and matt black plastic parts arrange for noble optics.

Ideal for moving camping equipment, caravanning items, picnic supplies, for music festivals, construction sites, delivering goods to locations over unmade ground and many other uses where access is required over difficult surfaces.

Capacity 75 kg
Platform Size 480 mm x 410 mm
Handle Height 1110 mm
Handle Type Folding
Dimensions Folded 720 mm (H) x 615 mm (W) x 120 cm (D)
Unit Weight 6.3 kg
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  • Brand RuXXac