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RuXXac Longnose Folding Hand Truck 125 Kg

RuXXac Longnose Folding Hand Truck 125 Kg
RuXXac Longnose Folding Hand Truck 125 Kg

Ruxxac Long Nose Folding Hand Truck 


Extremely Space Saving - When folded, these carts save lots of space: only 5.5 cm thick – thus it fits into every niche: including the tool cabinet, the work van and even into the already full trunk.

Quickly Ready for Use - The platform and wheels are swung out in one flash at the same time. It is very easy to open the handle into the locked position, ensuring a sturdy and easy to handle operation. This cart is ready to use in less than 5 seconds.

Strong as an Ox, 125 kg load capacity (at load center 12/15 cm - A small trolley with great capacity! This load capacity fulfills the needs of professional use. This is possible due to the perfect connection of special synthetic material, aluminum and steel tubes.

Even Better Handling – with high quality handles made of synthetic material handling, the carrying of the load is even more comfortable.

Secure Transport - The Load Securing System – No matter whether the load is round or angled, big or small: with this unique system consisting of an anchor bar and fastening strap, every load can be perfectly fixed on the trolley. Easy, effective and secure!

Puncture Safe Tires – wheels with roller bearings (185 Ø x 40 mm) and a tread made of polymer combines the advantages of pneumatic and solid rubber tires: high comfort even on uneven ground, no problem at curbs and stairs and the puncture safety of solid rubber tires.


  • Weighs as little as 6.1kg and can carry up to 125kg 
  • Superior brand
  • Outstanding quality
  • Unique design

Features of RuXXac Business XL Folding Hand Truck

  • Metal gear system for an even longer lifetime
  • Patented folding technology - ready to use within seconds
  • Extremely space saving when folded for easy storage
  • Glass-fiber reinforced synthetics for great strength
  • Comfortable steering due to ergonomic handle
  • Elastic Spannfix system - secures every load perfectly
  • Pneumatic feel solid rubber wheels
  • Rolling function for easier storage
  • Lightweight design
  • Soft compound wheels with roller bearings
  • Unique folding action
  • Award winning German design


  •  Load Capacity (Flat): 125kg
  • Load Capacity (Stairs): 60kg
  • Dimension Open (LxDxH): 490 x 620 x 1130mm
  • Dimensions Folded (LxDxH): 490 x 55 x 730mm
  • Toe Plate (W x D): 490 x 410mm
  • Wheels Diameter x Width: 185 x 40mm
  • Tyres: Puncture-Proof Solid Rubber Wheels
  • Weight: 6.1kg
Capacity 125 kg
Platform Size 490 mm x 410mm
Handle Height 1130 mm
Handle Type Folding
Dimensions Folded 735 mm folded / 55 mm thick
Unit Weight 5.9 kg
Ex Tax: $215.00
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Brand RuXXac
  • Model RUXXAC-BXL